Health system performance assessment 2012

This report summarizes the main findings of an assessment of the performance of the Armenian health system (HSPA) carried out by the HSPA working group of the National Institute of Health with the technical and financial support of the Ministry of Health of Armenia. This assessment was performed in 2012 and contributes to the efforts pursued by the Government of Armenia to strengthen the capacities of the health system. The HSPA 2012 report presents an assessment of the performance of the health system during 2010-2012 against a number of key performance dimensions, including health workforce availability, distribution, demand, education and training, equity in financing and financial protection, access to health care services, quality and safety of health care services, biological and behavioral risk factors threatening population health, prevalence of environmental determinants and their harmful impact, health system responsiveness, and general health status of the population as well as the changes that these dimensions underwent since 2007 and 2009. Each section of this report contains recommendations on improvement of the effectiveness of Armenia health system performance. This report is designed for health system organizers, health experts, clinicians, as well as other specialists interested and involved in health system issues.

Դիտել/Ներբեռնել զեկույցը
Առկա է նաև անգլերեն տարբերակը, դիտելու կամ ներբեռնելու համար սեղմեք ԱՅՍՏԵՂ