Health system performance assessment 2009

This report summarizes the main findings of an assessment of the performance of the Armenian health system, which was carried out by the Ministry of Health of Armenia, with the technical and financial support from the WHO Regional Office for Europe and from the World Bank. This assessment was carried out in 2008 and 2009 and contributes to the efforts pursued by the government of Armenia to strengthen the capacities of the Ministry of Health for effective stewardship of the health system.

This report presents an assessment of the performance of the health system against a number of key performance dimensions: health system stewardship, health management information system, development of health human resources, equity in financing and financial protection, health system efficiency, access to health care services, quality and safety of health care services, risk factors, health promotion and disease prevention, health system responsiveness, and improvement in health status. Policy recommendations are presented at the end of each section of this report. An executive summary is enclosed. This health system performance assessment is the first in a series of similar reports released this year by the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. Other reports to be released in 2009 include Georgia, Estonia and Portugal.

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