Health system performance assessment 2017

The Eight report of Health System Performance Assessment (HSPA) presents the prevalence of risk factors contributing to the development of the most common, non-communicable diseases among the population of Armenia by demographic groups, health esteem, as well as the impact of risk factors on health self-esteem domains, their interconnection with general health, depression and prevalence of chronic illnesses. Analyses presented in HSPA report are based on 2016 HSPA survey data among the RA population aged 15 and
The findings and Conclusions contained in the HSPA report serve as a basis for achieving the objectives and effective implementation of the NCD national programs aimed at reducing and preventing the pravelence of risk factors promoting NCD development. HSPA report is designed for health system organizers, health experts, clinicians, as well as other specialists
interested and involved in health system issues.

Դիտել/Ներբեռնել զեկույցը
Առկա է նաև անգլերեն տարբերակը, դիտելու կամ ներբեռնելու համար սեղմեք ԱՅՍՏԵՂ